Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My summer update

Whew, it seems like every summer just gets busier and more crazy every year! We have three more weeks till school starts and I'm actually looking forward to it.... even if it means getting up early :)

We went to the fair this year, and the girls had so much fun! We were so lucky to get free bracelets (for the rides) and they were able to go on all of the rides... what fun!

I also made these baby girl birth announcements recently. I loved how girly they turned out... these are just a few of the ones I made.

We'll see if I can check back in before school starts....

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I was wrong

Well, I was wrong- Summer is an even worse time to blog in my household! I've been incredibly busy with out of town family visiting, birthday parties, my hubby working away from home, long summer days by the pool... I'm really hoping things settle down for a little while before school starts. But most likely this will be the last time I blog until mid September.

I have been making some photo cards in my few spare minutes... here are some:

I hope all of you have a wonderful summer! See you in the fall ;)