Friday, January 29, 2010

Cards for hero's

I decided to join the Operation Write Home organization, which sends hand made cards to US soldiers in many different places all over the world, so that they can send cards home to their loved ones. If anyone is interested heres the link :)

Just a couple cards I made... I figure the "Miss you" pretty much says it all...

and this card I made for a challenge on 365 cards- the challenge was The 3 B's: blossom, blue and emBoss... this one will go to OWH also.

Thanks for looking :)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

white pizza... mmmm

Color challenge, week # 4: Make a recipe using the color white:

I made white pizza last night... it was sooo good :)
I cheated and used pre-made dough (Winco's dough is really good) and sauce from a jar. I added cheese and butter to the sauce though. Easy and yummy!

cheese, chicken, onions, mushrooms and red peppers and fresh basil leaves for a little color :)

I'm looking forward to next months color- pink :) with three girls we never have a shortage of the color pink in our house... just as my poor husband!

Monday, January 25, 2010

"Gramma Sue"

I've been working on this for a little while now, and finally got it finished this morning...

My Gramma Sue died on January 10th... She'd been wanting to go home for years. She got her answer to prayer on a Sunday evening, surrounded by her family. The last thing she saw before she passed away was her Lord... waiting for her with outstretched arms, to welcome her Home! We will miss her, but we know she's much, much happier where she is :)

Friday, January 22, 2010

a perfect pear...

WEEK # 3: Use white in an unusual way-

So this is my try at using white in an unusual way... check out Karens blog if you're curious or want to join in the color my world challenge :) This week was kind of hard for me!

I saw this idea on a blog somewhere (can't remember where!) and thought it would turn out super cute... I was a little disappointed in my result! But... I thought I'd post it anyways :)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

"today is a good day"

This is a card I made for a challenge on a card making blog, 365 cards. The saying on it had to rhyme :)

I'm drooling...

I scrapbook in phases... a "phase" usually lasts about a month, and during that month I'm a crazy, addicted scrapbooker! Its all I think about and all I wanna do :) Then I get burned out for another month or two. Then the cycle begins again... its a sickness, it really is! I can feel another
scrapbooking phase coming on... I'm starting to drool over papers, buttons, flowers and inks :) here are just a few scrapbooking products I'd love to add to my stash right now...

Love these little journaling spots.....

This paper is by one of my all time favorite company's My minds eye- I LOVE it :)

I'm really into buttons lately- usually I use them as the center of my flowers, but who knows what I'll do with them next?

And these... I don't even have the words, but I've REALLY gotta get some!

I love this cartridge for my cricut... I love the little bird on the branch- how fun!!!

and more journaling spots- they'll be perfect for the cutest little school themed albums I'm planning on making for the girls teachers :) I found little apple shaped chipboard albums for only $1 at Michaels! I couldn't resist!

Oh and all these products were on I've ordered through them before :)

So, anyways, I think I'm gonna go shopping now!

Friday, January 15, 2010

project white

whew, I managed to finish my white craft project in time! I've had a super busy week- I knew what I wanted to make... I just had to find the time to DO it! I finished it tonight, yay :) I made it for Tylia's bedroom... I know its not ALL white, but I tried! the frame is about 11x14 I think. I originally wanted to make a really large one, and still might someday.

I was inspired by this gorgeous fabric butterfly frame on Sew Eco blog. I just love blog surfing for fun and cool decorating projects :)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Its magical... really!

I have a magical appliance that makes dinner for me.. I got it from my hubby for Christmas. Hmmm, do you think he was hinting at something? Seriously though, I did get a new one for Christmas, and it does make dinner (with a little help from me). And I swear its magic, cause you can throw anything in it, turn it on for a few hours and its sure to taste Delicious and like you've been slaving in the kitchen all day! I used it to make a roast yesterday and of course it turned out so yummy!

One of my favorite crock pot meals: Ranch chicken with baby red potatos. I didn't really have a recipe, but one day Ijust threw a bunch of things in and several hours later we had such a good dinner that my hubby specifically requests it now.

6 chicken thighs (skin and bone on)
6-8 baby red potatos, quartered
1 can chicken stock
1 package ranch dressing mix
3 carrots, chopped
1/2 onion, chopped
1 tsp garlic salt or powder
salt and pepper to taste

Just throw the chicken in the crock pot with the can of chicken stock (I also add another can or two of water) and ranch mix. Make sure the powder dissolves. Then add everything else, making sure its mostly covered with liquid. I usually cook it on low for up to 6 hours, or until the meat is falling off of the bones. Sometimes I have to put it on high for a few hours instead... either way works :) I like to save the chicken stock afterwards.. its really yummy to use again. I've also added other vegi's too- corn, green beans, anything you have on hand.
If anyone has any good recipes they use in their crock pot, I'd love to try some new ones!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

its all about WHITE

I decided to join Karen in her monthly color challenge... it sounds like fun! So here is my first weekly challenge- a collage of my favorite white things:
1. white roses
2. white chocolate... mmm!
3. plain white dishes
4. fluffy white bedding, I love the feel and look! But sadly I can't have them on my own bed... my girls like to come in our bed and if I had white bedding it would be ruined if they even looked at it!
Next week: A craft using the color white... Hmmm, I'm already planning :)

Saturday, January 2, 2010

My hopes for the new year

I don't have any resolutions for the new year, just hopes :o)

1. My first and most important hope is to become closer to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I feel like in the last year I've been so busy... rushing about my own life, not putting as much effort into our relationship as I should have. I want that to be different this year.

2. Secondly I want to eat healthier (and less!). Yes, of course I want to loose weight, maybe fit into a smaller jean size... but I also want to have more energy, feel better about myself and set a good example for my girls.

3. I want to learn a new hobby, do something that I've never done before... challenge myself! Not every day... probably not even every week. Just enough that i don't get stuck in a rut. There are so many things that I'd love to learn to, speak another language, or even just learn a new recipe!

So... these are just a few of the things I'm looking forward to this new year, 2010. I'm praying that it will be a good year,a BLESSED year... a year full of Hope, love and joy. A year full the Peace that only our Lord can bring.