Thursday, January 21, 2010

I'm drooling...

I scrapbook in phases... a "phase" usually lasts about a month, and during that month I'm a crazy, addicted scrapbooker! Its all I think about and all I wanna do :) Then I get burned out for another month or two. Then the cycle begins again... its a sickness, it really is! I can feel another
scrapbooking phase coming on... I'm starting to drool over papers, buttons, flowers and inks :) here are just a few scrapbooking products I'd love to add to my stash right now...

Love these little journaling spots.....

This paper is by one of my all time favorite company's My minds eye- I LOVE it :)

I'm really into buttons lately- usually I use them as the center of my flowers, but who knows what I'll do with them next?

And these... I don't even have the words, but I've REALLY gotta get some!

I love this cartridge for my cricut... I love the little bird on the branch- how fun!!!

and more journaling spots- they'll be perfect for the cutest little school themed albums I'm planning on making for the girls teachers :) I found little apple shaped chipboard albums for only $1 at Michaels! I couldn't resist!

Oh and all these products were on I've ordered through them before :)

So, anyways, I think I'm gonna go shopping now!


  1. Oooh! love all of it:) especially the cartridge for cricut we just got one for our scrap room!

  2. oooo...lala!! i haven't been in that scrapbooking crazy stage since the bazaar:D burned myself right out:) kathy has that cartridge for cricut & i loved it when i borrowed it! you've gotta get it.

  3. so you guys got a cricut, holly? Are you loving it? I LOVE mine- I use it on almost every scrapbooking thing I do, and lots of other stuff too :) I only have 5 cartridges tho- they're spendy!