Sunday, February 14, 2010


I just got the coolest software for my cricut- I've been playing around with it for a few days now. I thought I'd show off what I made with it. Its called Make The Cut! and it basicly lets me cut out ANYTHING I want with my cricut- no more having to buy cartridges! Yayy!

I cut out the lower half of this page using Make The Cut!, and I layered patterned paper underneath the cut out circles...

I also cut out the "sucker" title, using the fonts from my computer- another cool feature I love about the program. I can cut almost any font on my computer, and I can download any free ones and use them too... the possibilities are endless :)

I LOVED this picture of Kasen, and wanted to scrapbook it as soon as I took it! I loved how it turned out :)

Friday, February 12, 2010

"pink party"

I finally started Brielles baby album, its this adorable little 9x9 album... I do an album for each of my girls- their first two baby years. I figure since Brielle is a year old now, its about time to start hers! Yes, I'm a year behind!

This is, of course, her first birthday party. I thought since it was a pink party it would be perfect for this weeks pink craft project for the color my world challenge.

I used lots of different pink papers, with some black and white mixed in. One of my favorites to use lately is the Co'ordinations cardstock. I love to emboss and then distress it- fun, fun!!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

dollar store chic

I found this fun website that features crafts done with dollar store items. Some of them are really great... others are, well, dollar-store-ish! I already have a growing list of projects I've gotta try :) check it out here if you're like me and love cheap- but cute- projects :)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

front or top???

So, we went and got our taxes done last weekend- we'll be getting enough back to get a new washer and dryer... BUT we have to decide what kind to get. We went and looked at a few places... its like buying a new car! There are some really pretty and shiny sets out there! I'm so tempted by the ones that are bright and sparkly... my husband is more practical- he doesn't care if it would look so beautiful in our laundry room or if it makes my eyes look more blue :)

well, I can cross these sets off the list... they're insanely expensive! But we did see a few sets we're trying to decide on- one is a red set that I have my heart set on...
I told Justin it would be perfect for Valentines day ;)
So how about all of you? Do you have the top or front load washers? Which do you prefer? Any brands we should stay away from? Help!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

My favorites in pink

Color my world challenge for the month of February #1: A collage of my favorite pink things :)

So the color of the month is pink! Yay, we love pink in this house- LOTS and lots of pink.. my poor, poor husband!

Pink nail polish, all shades and all levels of sparklyness :)

My absolute favorite flavor of ice cream is pink peppermint candy... I still remember where I was the first time I had it- Kimballs in NH, when I was about 6 or so... I loved it! still do to this day :)

pink noses and cheeks on a cold day, just makes you want to kiss them!

little girls in pink tutu's

pink painted furniture.. you would think with three girls I would have at least ONE piece of furniture thats painted pink. But I don't... hmmm, I found this picture of a pink bunk bed. It looks just like the girls bunk bed, so I've decided its time we have some pink furniture in this house! I can just imagine the look on Justins face when I tell him my next project, ha ha!

Hope you all have a great- and colorful- week :)