Tuesday, February 2, 2010

front or top???

So, we went and got our taxes done last weekend- we'll be getting enough back to get a new washer and dryer... BUT we have to decide what kind to get. We went and looked at a few places... its like buying a new car! There are some really pretty and shiny sets out there! I'm so tempted by the ones that are bright and sparkly... my husband is more practical- he doesn't care if it would look so beautiful in our laundry room or if it makes my eyes look more blue :)

well, I can cross these sets off the list... they're insanely expensive! But we did see a few sets we're trying to decide on- one is a red set that I have my heart set on...
I told Justin it would be perfect for Valentines day ;)
So how about all of you? Do you have the top or front load washers? Which do you prefer? Any brands we should stay away from? Help!!


  1. Weeeell...we have a large capacity top loading washer and i like that its large capacity makes life easier:) i dont even know what brand it is maybe whirlpool?? Good luck!

  2. thanks holly- Ya large capacity is a must with little kids, huh? thats what we have now- large capacity whirlpool :)

  3. Right now I have super capacity front loaders with pedastal/drawers. Mine are white though, not cool red or green:) I love them for the fact that I can wash so many clothes at a time & they have all kinds of options, like a timer. We have ge. My washer did need work once, but I think matt just had to clean it out. Now my sis-inlaw had front loaders, she just went back to top loaders and likes them way better..so?

  4. Our Washer broke right in the middle of the holidays, when we had our family over! We bought front loaders, the LG ones. They couldn't deliver red in time, so I settled for the white {plus red was more!} I LOVE them. It really shows how truly bad our old washer and dryer were. Everything gets super clean, and so fluffy! Good luck, I agree, a new washer and dryer are the perfect Valentine's gift.