Monday, February 1, 2010

My favorites in pink

Color my world challenge for the month of February #1: A collage of my favorite pink things :)

So the color of the month is pink! Yay, we love pink in this house- LOTS and lots of pink.. my poor, poor husband!

Pink nail polish, all shades and all levels of sparklyness :)

My absolute favorite flavor of ice cream is pink peppermint candy... I still remember where I was the first time I had it- Kimballs in NH, when I was about 6 or so... I loved it! still do to this day :)

pink noses and cheeks on a cold day, just makes you want to kiss them!

little girls in pink tutu's

pink painted furniture.. you would think with three girls I would have at least ONE piece of furniture thats painted pink. But I don't... hmmm, I found this picture of a pink bunk bed. It looks just like the girls bunk bed, so I've decided its time we have some pink furniture in this house! I can just imagine the look on Justins face when I tell him my next project, ha ha!

Hope you all have a great- and colorful- week :)


  1. Love that collage! I think you should definitely have some pink furniture in a house with 3, well, 4 girls in it!

  2. Lovely! Claire has a little pink bed that matt made:)

  3. Pretty! Sure could use a little more pink in my house!! :)