Saturday, June 27, 2009

tutus, deals & kisses

Yesterday was an interesting day for me... I decided to try making a tutu (instead of paying over $20 for one) for Brielle. It's for an upcoming photo shoot with Auntie Sharla. I paid about $8 for everything I needed to make this adorable tutu. It would have been less but I just HAD to add the gorgeous flower! I think it adds the perfect touch :)

While I was out getting the tutu stuff I just had to run next door to one of my favorite consignment shops- Once Upon A Child. I just love their stuff- I got a pile of stuff for Brielle for only $30! I got my older girls some great deals too! And this is only the stuff I got for brielle!
3 dresses, 3 summer outfits and a pair of pj's :)
I freely admit I'm a consignment store junky!

Last night we went to a park for a graduation celebration for my younger sister Dara and my cousin, Leesha. While we were there Brielle had her first kiss- it was so sweet! I wish I had a better pic of it!
this little guy just went right for it! And Brielle loved it...
she kept grabbing for him afterwards!


  1. cute!!! I cant wait to do her pics in that adorable tutu:)

  2. fun..i love good deals!! and such a cute pic of the babies!:)