Monday, October 12, 2009

It's here!

Every year I wait to see something in my neighborhood. Its a sure sign of fall and
when I see it I can't help but smile! Its this right here...

And I had to add this picture here...

I love the color of the pumpkins against our newly painted door... so festive!
I'm loving this time of year, just like always! Its my favorite, and sadly it lasts
the least amount of time. Its the one season I don't get tired of by the time its over!

Happy Fall everyone!!


  1. Pretty!! Its always so bright and colorful!! love it and the door to;)

  2. I agree totally---the one season you don't get sick of before it's over. Love fall!

  3. thats so pretty I love that red color on the trees I wonder what kind they are?