Thursday, June 17, 2010

Schools out for the summer (almost)

Its that time of year...

The end of the school year! I scrapbooked this apple shaped book for Paiges kindergarten teacher. We loved her and Paige will miss her next year. We wanted to show our appreciation with this cute little album.

I need to tie some matching ribbon around the ring to finish it off

"Frum Paige"- I thought that was too cute to correct her :)

I can't wait to sleep in this summer- Ahhh, lazy warm days by the pool, barbecue dinners, no schedule to stick to- I love summer time :)
We have just one more day of school- we're counting the hours! Happy Summer everyone :)


  1. Summer vacation, summer vacation, are there any words more beautiful than those? this is a quote I've seen but didn't write down the author, it sure fits!

  2. cute! Im sure she will love it!