Thursday, September 10, 2009

the red door

I've always LOVED the look of different colored doors on houses... like a green door on a white house or a red door on a brown house. I've been bugging my sweet, overworked hubby to paint our door red for the past year, but he just never had the time. I finally started hinting that I might just do it myself... and suddenly he decided he might have enough time! So in one day he painted our plain boring white door a beautiful barn red- I'm loving it! we decided to replace the shiny brass hardware while we were painting. The final look is just what I had in mind.

this is the best 'before' picture I could find... it makes me laugh because it was
only taken a year ago and my girls look so different already!

And here is the after picture! It looks a little orange in this photo... in real life
its slightly more red. and of course theres our sweetie pie in the pic, too!

we've had a busy week... school started!! our oldest started on wednesday and our
second starts kindergarten tomorrow... traditional 'first day of school' photos coming soon!


  1. so cute tristi! i've been wanting to paint our door for soo long too!! its just one more project on my never ending honey-do list:) yours looks great! love it!!

  2. ooh, I LOVE IT! amazing what paint can do, hey?