Saturday, September 12, 2009

their first day

I'm so excited... school has started! I love this
time of year... with fall just around the corner,
school started and back to the weekly routine!
This year we had two school girls.
Tylia started 3rd grade... I can't believe it!
She's getting so big. She told me that
this year she wants to be "more in style"!
She's growing up way too fast!
And Paige started Kindergarten! She
did so well- she loved school!
She met a friend and loves
her teacher :o)
Here she was, all lined up and ready to
walk to her classroom! She waved happily
at me and Brielle as we waited to watch
her march along with the rest of her
classmates behind the teacher like
little ducklings (I always get a kick out of
seeing the little kindergartners-
they look so teeny tiny!).
I felt so sorry for the little guy in front
of her- he just sobbed all the way into
the classroom! Poor kid!
Even though its only for a few hours a day
(Paige goes half days), I think I'm going
to enjoy having only one baby at home!
Hopefully I don't get bored... but I'm hoping
to start getting more scrapbooking done :o)

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